Citations: The Renaissance Imitation Mass Project

Relationship <R97>

Observer: Max Le Mée

Non-mechanical transformation

Embellished: False

Reduced: False

Amplified: True

Truncated: False

New counter-subject: False

Old counter-subject shifted: False

Old counter-subject transposed: False

New combination: False

Remarks: The 'answer'of the ID, in the model, is turned into a soggetto, repeated in the mass as a countrapuntal block duplicated at contra and bassus.




Rhythmic durations: False

Melodic intervals: True

Ostinato: False

Periodic: False


Form and process

Internal repetition: True

Comment: The Contra and the Bassus repeat the same counterpoint.

Remarks: I do not indicate an ID for the duos are twice the same voices.