Citations: The Renaissance Imitation Mass Project

Relationship <R80>

Observer: Max Le Mée


Exact: True

Monnayage: False

Remarks: The position of the clausules (tenorizans, cantizans and bassus) is the same, and the two other voices behave with a delay that is quite comparable, which makes me think Sohier could have reproduced this CAD to finish his first Kyrie. I would not take any bet on this assertion, the model is not clearly structured - at least is very complex in its structure -, so it would not surprise me from Sohier to pick materials here and there in order to build his missa like a LEGO game...



Cantizans: Superius

Tenorizans: SecundusTenor

Type: authentic

Tone: G

Dovetail voice: Superius



Cantizans: [Superius]

Tenorizans: [II.Tenor]

Type: authentic

Tone: G

Dovetail voice: [Superius]