Citations: The Renaissance Imitation Mass Project

Relationship <R1794>

Observer: Jon Oddie

Non-mechanical transformation

Embellished: False

Reduced: False

Amplified: False

Truncated: False

New counter-subject: True

Old counter-subject shifted: False

Old counter-subject transposed: False

New combination: False

Remarks: Morales's version of the chant soggetto most closely matches Mouton's in rhythm and ornamentation (though one could make a case for Pieton as well)




Cantus firmus, Soggetto, Fuga


Rhythmic durations: True

Melodic intervals: True


Rhythmic durations: True

Melodic intervals: True

Ostinato: False

Periodic: False


Melodic interval of entry: 1+

Time interval of entry: S5

Periodic: False

Strict: False

Flexed: False

Sequential: False

Inverted: False

Retrograde: False

Remarks: The CS combines with the the soggetto/CF in two different ways (without creating a repeating module). Some version of this opening CS is common to all the mvts. of Morales'mass.