Citations: The Renaissance Imitation Mass Project

Relationship <R100>

Observer: Max Le Mée

Non-mechanical transformation

Embellished: False

Reduced: False

Amplified: True

Truncated: True

New counter-subject: False

Old counter-subject shifted: False

Old counter-subject transposed: False

New combination: False

Remarks: It is truncated for the fuga becomes a NIM, so that the soggetto is only used twice in the mass. It is amplified for the little CAD becomes overlapping CAD, based on a NIM.

Engraved by Verovio 2.2.0-dev-[undefined] 48 cum da cir cum da cir ver bant, bant bant cum da bant ni cir cum da e e flo res ro bant e flo res ro am am flo sa rum, am flo res ro res ro sa sa sa rum flo res ro rum rum et sa rum, ro flo



Secundus Tenor
Primus Tenor
Secundus Tenor

Melodic interval of entry: 5+5-4+8-

Time interval of entry: M6/2/4/5

Periodic: False

Strict: False

Flexed: False

Sequential: False

Inverted: False

Retrograde: False

Engraved by Verovio 2.2.0-dev-[undefined] 54 scen dit cae lis. Et scen dit de de cae in car na cae Et lis. tus est lis. Et lis. in car na in car na tus est De tus est De Spi ri tu de Spi ri tu Spi ri tu ex Ma San cto ex San cto San cto ri a M ri ex Ma


Non-imitative duo


Melodic interval of entry: 8-4+8-

Time interval of entry: M1/7/1

Strict: True

Flexed: False

Flexed, tonal: False

Sequential: False

Invertible: False

Remarks: A NIM forming overlapping cadences.the cadence I indicate is the first one.