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People: Printers

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Person ID Name Dates Roles Alternate Names
CRIM_Person_0002 Du Chemin, Nicolas 1515?–1576 Printer
CRIM_Person_0005 Attaignant, Pierre 1494?–1552? Printer
CRIM_Person_0006 Gardano, Antonio 1509–1569 Printer Antoine Gardane
CRIM_Person_0007 Moderne, Jacques 1490?–1560 Printer
CRIM_Person_0008 Schoeffer, Peter 1425?–1502? Printer
CRIM_Person_0012 Anonymous Composer, Printer
CRIM_Person_0013 Billecocq, Marie-Claire b. 1900 Printer
CRIM_Person_0014 Fischer, Rupert b. 1939 Printer
CRIM_Person_0017 Petrucci, Ottaviano 1466–1539 Printer
CRIM_Person_0022 Jullet, Hubert 1500–1545? Printer