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People: Composers

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Person ID Name Dates Roles Alternate Names
CRIM_Person_0001 Colin, Pierre 1500–1500 Composer
CRIM_Person_0003 Sohier, Mathieu 1500–c. 1560 Composer
CRIM_Person_0004 Lupi, Johannes 1506?–1539 Composer
CRIM_Person_0009 De Marle, Nicolas 1500–1500 Composer
CRIM_Person_0010 Champion, Thomas 1500–1580? Composer Mithou
CRIM_Person_0011 Clereau, Pierre 1500–1560 Composer
CRIM_Person_0012 Anonymous Composer, Printer
CRIM_Person_0015 Févin, Antoine de 1470?–1511? Composer
CRIM_Person_0016 Josquin Des Prés 1440?–1521? Composer Josquin Lebloitte
CRIM_Person_0018 Guyon, Jean 1514?–1574? Composer