Citations: The Renaissance Imitation Mass Project


See list of role types.

Person ID Name Dates Roles Alternate Names
CRIM_Person_1003 Fiala, David Analyst, Editor
CRIM_Person_1004 Besson, Vincent Editor
CRIM_Person_1005 Viglianti, Raffaele -
CRIM_Person_1006 Bonnec, Damien Analyst
CRIM_Person_1007 Schubert, Peter Analyst
CRIM_Person_1008 Freedman, Richard Analyst
CRIM_Person_1009 Ignesti, Alessandra Analyst
CRIM_Person_1010 Ivarson, Drew Analyst
CRIM_Person_1011 Le Mée, Max Analyst
CRIM_Person_1012 Lorenz, Ian Analyst