Citations: The Renaissance Imitation Mass Project

Observation <34>

Observer: Alexis Risler

<R17> Non-mechanical transformation — Derivative of <33> Benedicta es

Engraved by Verovio 2.2.0-dev-[undefined] 22 da mus Lau da tis]. tis. da mus te. Be mus te. Be te. Be ne di ci mus ne di ci ne di te. mus A A do ci mus A do te. do ra ra mus te. ra mus Glo mus te. te. Glo te. Glo ri fi ca mus Glo ri fi ri fi ca mus ri fi te. ca mus Gra ca mus

Periodic entry


Melodic interval of entry: 8+12-

Time interval of entry: S1/1

Strict: False

Flexed: False

Flexed, tonal: False

Sequential: False

Added: True

Invertible: False

Remarks: Added entries in D C1 and T