Citations: The Renaissance Imitation Mass Project

Observation <260>

Observer: Max Le Mée

<R130> New material — Derivative of <259> Vidi speciosam

Engraved by Verovio 2.2.0-dev-[undefined] 85 tus sus, et se pul Et tus re sur re est. est. Et xit ter ti a re sur re di e, se xit ter ti a cun dum Scri ptu Se cun dum di e, ras.

Imitative duo, Cadence


Melodic interval of entry: 5-

Time interval of entry: B1

Strict: False

Flexed: False

Flexed, tonal: False

Invertible: False

Cantizans: [Superius]

Tenorizans: [II.Tenor]

Type: authentic

Tone: D

Dovetail voice: [Superius]